Mobile Marketing Services

Compelling Solutions When You Go on the Road

When your message needs to reach a broader audience, taking your campaign on the road is often an attractive solution.   Although the environment may be different, the strategy is the same  - and Hargrove can help.   We work with corporations and associations to craft creative mobile marketing campaigns that meet marketing, branding, and sales objectives.

Hargrove works with you from project inception to identify the goals and craft the campaign’s overall approach. We then help develop and design the theme, brand vehicles, build the components (such as the stage and kiosks), produce the graphics and more. 

Tour management is a key service we offer. It covers the logistics of your campaign and includes securing the driver, permits, parking, and security  and setting up crowd control. We can also provide the food, entertainment and assist with demonstrations, crowd gathering, tents and stages…whatever it takes to ensure that each stop is an “event.”