What to Expect

Program Management at Its Finest

Creating the actual exhibit is really the first step because successful program management is the key to a successful trade show presence.  At Hargrove we place an emphasis on careful planning, budget analysis and the details. Here is more about approach:


Whether you are previewing a new exhibit, enhancing an existing property or working on a reconfiguration, your participation in every trade show goes through the same process.  We evaluate your strategy and review the message, product and activities and keep our eye on your ultimate goal.

With our assessment in hand, we scrutinize floor plans, assess the configuration at the venue and review every aspect of the booth for functionality and effectiveness.  We then meticulously put all the pieces into place.  From shipping and show services, to labor, audio visual and set-up instructions, your account team will ensure that when you arrive on site, every detail has been handled.

At Show

There is always an experienced supervisor on site to oversee the installation and dismantle of the exhibit, supervise the show services such as rigging, electric and audio visual and help with last minute requests or changes.

The supervisor can be present to open the show every morning and handle any restocking of materials, activating equipment or cleaning that might be required.
The dismantle and the move-out are extremely important parts of the show process. Our team closely monitors dismantle to ensure equipment and properties are correctly packed, that all outbound information is correct and that the inventory is complete.  The on-site supervisor completes a post show report which will provide an overall evaluation of the show along with any issues that might have arisen on site and comments or improvements for the next show.

Post Show

When your exhibit returns to our warehouse, we perform an inbound inspection which includes a full inventory reconciliation as well noting any repairs that might be required.

Your final invoice is accompanied by a show reconciliation form that compares the original estimates to the actual costs along with an explanation of variances that might have occurred. 

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