Tips and Ideas from the Hargrove Team

A Guide to Inaugural Planning

Given the tight turn around associated with inaugural planning, it takes experience to ensure the celebration sets the right tone for the newly elected administration.  Hargrove and it's partners discuss the many ins and outs of the process in this valuable guide.

Does Your Signage Do the Job

Given the many demands on planners, signage can often be the last area addressed, even though it is the first thing attendees experience at the event.  Our team runs through some tricks of the trade to ensure your signage is effective.

One Stage Set. Multiple Looks

At Hargrove we understand you need to stretch your budget dollars now more than ever.  Utilizing the basic elements of a stage for multiple events is one way to maximize your budget.  Hargrove addresses the benefits and insights of this important approach.

Special Events on the Mall in Washington DC

Creating memorable events on the National Mall requires knowledge and experience. In this guide, shares the lessons we have learned over the years to help you plan your own event on the Mall. 

Tips for Event Floor Management

There is a lot to think through as you develop your event floor plan with your partners. This how-to covers the basics and can serve as a checklist during your planning process.

Tips for Hosting an Event in a Federal or Public Building

Holding an event in a federal or public buidling presents a powerful alternative to traditional venues but has an additional group of requirements. When Hargrove produces an event in one of these venues, we walk through a special list of requirements that we share in this guide. 

Accomodating High-Ranking Dignataries

When high-ranking dignitaries attend your event, it's a special moment for your organization. To ensure the process runs smoothly, we've compiled our thoughts on what to consider during the planning phase.