Exhibitor Services How-Tos

Tips and Ideas from the Hargrove Team

9 Steps to Stand Out from the Crowd

At Hargrove we’ve got a team of talented experts who ensure your exhibit booth is always the talk of the show. Here are nine wasys to do that. 

Helpful Hints for New Exhibitors

Exhibiting at a show as a new exhibitor involves a fairly steep learning curve. The good news is—we’ve all been there. Here are a few hints from the Hargrove team to help you get up and running for your first show.

Material Handling FAQs

Material handling and shipping represent a sizable portion of any exhibitor’s overall budget, yet the variety of possible servicces to choose from can be confusing. This list of frequently asked questions is a great introduction for new exhibitors and a handy refresher for experience ones.  

Order Show Services Early

The reality is most companies are trying to do more with less money and staff. Ordering early can save you considerable budget dollars.

The Benefits of Using a Trade Show Shipping Company

We recommend a tradeshow shipping specialist as opposed to a small package shipping company: This guide lists all of the reasons we reccomend using a tradeshow shipping specialists as opposed to a small package shipping company.