Opnext partnered with Hargrove to design, build and manage their 30x50 double-deck exhibit to debut at the OFC show.


Opnext wanted to include a deck structure in their new exhibit yet still be able to work within their budget. 

How Hargrove Helped

Designed the booth around a rental deck option working within the overall budget
Managed the overall exhibit and event program logistics, including the on-site management of the exhibit build from the rigging of the large overhead structure and deck build to the intricate details of the electrical and cabling needs for the Opnext demos
In addition to the new exhibit, designed and produced Opnext’s client event that same year. Since then, Hargrove has continued to manage and execute both their exhibit and event 
Although the event theme changes every year, Hargrove is brought on from the beginning to brainstorm theme ideas, create the invite and develop the overall event concept

Why It’s a Great Experience 

Hargrove successfully created the rental deck option the client wanted while staying within budget and delivering superb service.

“In addition to not only producing an outstanding booth, the Hargrove team was truly a pleasure to work with. Their level of professionalism and dedication ensured that the entire show was flawless. All of our requests from start to finish were quickly met. The booth was set up ahead of schedule, Billy and Candice were always available to lend us help when needed and tear down was completed in record time. We truly could not have asked for more.”

Tom Dent
Manager, Corporate Communications
Opnext, Inc.

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