Visit Orlando


Flexible exhibit program for Visit Orlando used at least six times annually allows for program to size up from a 20 x 20 to a 20 x 40 island and also includes a 10 x 20 and two 10 x 10 booths.


Client needed to utilize program for five years with minimum repairs. Fabrication approach needed to be light weight, but still look substantial and allow for graphics changed inexpensively and efficiently. Program needed ample seating and semi-private areas, audio visual and reception. Brand identity needed to be prominent.

How Hargrove Helped

Created a warm, lush and tropical environment that was also sleek and professional 
Aluminum framework delivered on lightweight requirement while wood and laminate construction for the closet, benches and counters ensures the booth felt substantial
Booth design features prominent display of corporate identity at the maximum allowable height facing in both directions with lighting as well as multiple additional placement of logo
Custom program includes multiple rental pieces to increase seating capacity for appointment-based shows
Graphics are straightforward, but impactful, direct-to-substrate, four-color print applied with Velcro for easy replacement. Image library ensures client has easy image selection process.

Why It’s a Great Experience

Since the program started, Orlando rebranded twice.  Each change was easily accommodated with this flexible structure.

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