World Bank Group Annual Meeting
Food Crisis; Put Food First


Annual Meeting of the World Bank Group in Washington DC, September 2010.


To promote awareness about the plight of people in poor countries and the food crisis.

How Hargrove Helped

Designed the in-door displays and coordinated the logistics of an 6-hour installation
Designed and built free standing exhibit components that told personal stories of farmers and other people from developing countries around the world.
Managed preplanning for installation, overnight dismantle, budget, logistics and communication.
Working with the World Bank Group, Hargrove designed a display that combined art with technology and mimicked the Terra Cotta soldiers of China.

Why was a Great Experience

Hargrove filled the main Atrium of the World Bank’s headquarters with over 60 body silhouettes which displayed an image of a real person affected by drought and economic challenges. Each silhouette included a QR code that guided visitors to an individual web page. The page told the story of how the person was affected, and the challenges they faced to survive. Standing over 6’ tall, the 65 silhouettes were made of 1’ thick recycled corrugated cardboard. The display was placed throughout the World Bank building, in elevators and on the street outside the building.

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