Modern Day Marine

Client: U.S. Marine Corps
Number of Exhibitors: 500
Square Footage: 125,000 nsf
Attendance: 3,000

Called the “Crossroads of the Corp,” Quantico Marine Corp Base has been home to the annual Modern Day Marine Expo since 1993. The Base has proven to be an ideal venue for the show given its proximity to the more than 16,000 uniformed Marines and defense civilians who work there.

Each year, the Hargrove team builds what amounts to an outdoor convention center over a period of 18 days on Quantico’s Lejeune Field.  All structures include a complex flooring system that is able to support more than one million pounds of freight. At show open, three massive tents with a total of 150,000 square feet of space house 175 exhibitors ready to greet 3,000 attendees.

The minute the show closes, Hargrove commandeers a move-out that returns the Field to its original condition.

 “There are a million pieces and parts that go into Modern Day Marine—and it’s really a very special show. It requires a team who will put the extra care into it and understands how to perform with precision and energy. Hargrove has more than shown they are up to the task.” Charlie Baisley, Nielsen Expositions

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